Smart Repair Insurance has been designed to cover the cost of Repairs if your Vehicle suffers Minor Cosmetic Damage. A lifetime guarantee is also included for all repairs!

Complete Wheel Insurance has been designed to contribute towards the cost of repairing the Alloy Wheels fitted to your vehicle if that they are damaged.  We Cover Diamond Cut and Standard Alloys. It will also contribute towards the cost of repairing or replacing Tyres fitted to your vehicle if they are damaged.

Damage could be caused by:

  • Kerbing
  • Pot holes
  • Road Debris Damage
  • Punctures
  • Malicious activity


  • 80% of cars on the road suffer minor cosmetic damage within first 12 months of ownership
  • Motor insurance policies provide no cost-effective solution for this
  • Average motor insurance excess is circa £345*
  • Insurance claims can cause no-claims-discounts to be lost
  • Body shop repairs are perceived as costly and inconvenient
  • Customers expect cosmetic damage to devalue their cars

*ABI – Association of British Insurers


Smart Protect Insurance Complete Wheel Insurance

Covers minor damages (chips, dents, scuffs, scratches) to the vehicle without affecting customer’s no-claim bonus.

Covers accidental damage to the Alloy Wheel(s) resulting in the need for cosmetic repair.

Covers tyres for repair or replacement or puncture in case of:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Malicious Damage by a third party

It will cover:

  • Minor damage within 30cm
  • Bodywork scratches not exceeding more than 2 body panels.
  • Minor dents.
  • Scuffs to painted bumpers.
  • Up to £250 bodyshop contribution for damage that cannot be repaired by SMART techniques.

It will cover:

  • Up to 5 Tyre replacements per annum.
  • Up to £200 towards a replacement Tyre.
  • Up to £50 towards a Tyre puncture repair.
  • Up to 5 repairs with a £100 claim limit per alloy wheel
  • If the Alloy Wheel cannot be repaired, we will contribute up to £100 towards a replacement Alloy.
Purchasable within 30 days of delivery of the vehicle.